VMT is a physician founded, physician run technology firm focused on patient and physician benefit.

Our mission is to: Discover the intersection between new enabling technologies and critical market needs to build solutions that benefit patients and the healthcare system.

We do this while maintaining strict ethical standards of improving outcomes, reducing overall healthcare costs, and causing no harm to humans or animals.

The mission is achieved by bringing together talented, multidisciplinary teams and giving them wide leeway in exploration. Within VMT, all employees have industry experience in healthcare, technology, and business and every executive has multiple advanced degrees and industry experience in at least two of these areas.

Through careful financial analysis, we identify applications and markets which will ultimately support a viable and meaningful product. Then, by supporting physicians and engineers in controlling the earliest stages of technology research within these markets, we create a unique environment to produce the most ethical, innovative, and targeted technologies. After focused research and product development, we begin rigorous testing and further design evolution, always with the clear goal of benefiting patients while lowering overall healthcare costs. When products reach maturity in prototyping and testing, the researchers themselves often want to spin out to form a commercialization company. This approach is supported by VMT.

Vanguard Medical Technologies is not just another medical technology company. We are targeting a unique area of interventional medicine through a specific approach while maintaining high ethical standards. This is exciting new ground with robust potential for medical and technological breakthroughs.